Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What are KNOTS on a full lace wig?

We receive several questions daily about "KNOTS" on Full Lace or Lace Front Wigs.  In order to help our customers understand the process a little better, it is very useful to know the different knotting options and the pros and cons for each option.  

Single Knots
Single knots are a popular option for full lace wigs. The process involves taking the hair, one strand at a time, and hand tying it into the lace unit using a single knot. The single knot produces a very realistic appearance, as if the hair is growing right out of the scalp. On the downside, single knots are not as secure which makes the full lace wig prone to shedding.  You will have to be very gentle when combing your unit.  This can result in bald patches on the wig, where the lace becomes visible.
Pros - Less visible upon closer inspection
Cons- Prone to shedding, more fragile

Double Knots
Double knots are achieved by using 2 or more strands of hair and securing them to the base (lace) at the same time.  Double knots are more visible upon closer inspection.  This option may not be as desirable if you are trying to create a realistic hairline, realistic parting or realistic crown.  On the up side, double knots are more secure than single knots, so shedding is less of an issue.
Pros - Less shedding, less fragile
Cons -More visible, realistic looking hairline harder to achieve

Triple/Reversed (Hidden knots) SILK TOP
The Triple/Reversed (Hidden) knot is one of the newest techniques.  Hair is taken and hand tied then it is inserted between silk and the lace base of the wig. The knot is tied 3 times, making it very secure and unlikely to shed. Because the knot is hidden between the lace and the silk insert, the knot becomes invisible, making it look as if the hair is growing  out of your scalp when your wearing the wig.  
Pros - Most natural looking hairline, parting and crown.  Completely invisible knot 
Cons -More expensive method.

Bleached Knots
Bleached knots are single or double knots that are bleached with peroxide (bleach) to lighten the appearance of the knot.
Pros - Knots less visible, more realistic hairline.
Cons -Weakens the knots, shedding may be an issue.


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